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Custom Built Server comes with on-site 3 years Warranty. This Warranty is only available in IL, WI, IN, MD, Northern VA, and Houston TX.

Important Warranty Information:

Price: $899.99

· Intel  i-5 Processor

· Intel Motherboard

· 8 Gig DDR3 RAM

· Dual 1TB High Availability SATA Hard Drives by Western Digital

· DVD/CD burner with light scribe

· Multi card reader

· 500 Watt Power Supply

· Intel approved cooling fans

· Your Choice of Windows 7 or XP-Pro

· Gigabit Networking built in

· Anti-virus and Anti-Spyware Installed

· No Junk Software

· MS Office installation available




Note: Specifications & Price subject to change at the time of built. Please call for details.

SKU/Item Number: NPC1

High Quality Provides High Availability


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