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Price: $899.99

SKU/Item Number: NPC1

Text Box: New server Grade Computer: Custom built with Windows 7 Pro
or XP Pro

New Custom Built Desktop PC/Server

Price: $189.99

SKU/Item Number: RPC1

Text Box: Refurbished Desktop PC: Intel Dual Core with 1 Gig RAM or more, 
with Windows XP Pro or Vista and much more...

Refurbished Desktop PC

SKU/Item Number: RLT

Refurbished Laptop: Pentium Dual Core
Various Brands such as Dell, HP, and Gateway
With Windows XP or Vista

Refurbished Laptop

SKU/Item Number: MFC1

Text Box: Commercial Grade Printers and Multi Function Machines (REFURBISHED): 
Black/White and Color Printer, Copier & Scanner with Ultra High Toner yields 
Brands Available: Xerox, Ricoh, Sharp and Toshiba

Commercial Grade Printers & Copiers (MFC)

SKU/Item Number: TONER

High Quality and High Yield Printer Toners for common Laser
Machines.† Various Brands Available. Please Call for details

High Grade Compatible Printer Toners

Price: $799.00

SKU/Item Number: DVDD

High Speed Copier for duplicating CDs and DVDs.
Compatible with Dual Layer DVDs

CD/DVD 1 to 7 Duplicator


One Stop Tech Shop

SKU/Item Number: NETC

Network Patch Cables (Various Lengths Available)
High Quality Gigabit Network Patch Cables
Your Choice of Cat5e or Cat6

Network Patch CablesóCat5e & Cat6

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